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Griffen Saul

Griffen Saul is the Founder and CEO of We Are Able. Growing up with his father not being able to walk was a difficult experience, so a way he found himself coping with this was by working with people with disabilities. He found that he was able to connect with people with disabilities in ways that others weren’t due to experiences with his father’s disability. However, it was when his father first became very ill that he had his dream to start his own non profit organization to raise awareness for people with disabilities, and empower thousands of others to not let their obstacles define who they are. 

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Dedicated to Brad Saul 1960-2015
Dedicated to Brad Saul 1960-2015

For over twenty years Brad Saul lived with advanced Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord and weakens the immune system. This organization is dedicated to Brad Saul and will carry on his legacy, as he embodied what it means to define one's fate and never let obstacles get in the way of accomplishing one's dream.