We Are Able Campaign

We Are Able works to raise awareness about the importance of creating a society where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and become leaders within their community, as well as educate people about proper disability etiquette. On Friday, December 2nd (the 3rd being the international day for people with disabilities) students around the city of Chicago will take a pledge to live a  day in the life of someone with a physical disability. Students will experience ocular impairment, inability to speak, deafness, and physical limitations in order to raise awareness and empathy for people with disabilities.  Students will develop an understanding that  despite having a disability, people with disabilities are able to accomplish their dreams. In addition, while participating in this campaign students will get the opportunity to learn proper disability etiquette and gain skills to respectfully interact with people with disabilities both locally and globally.



Here’s How you can take action:


1. Study up on local and national disability issues.


2. Spread the word and get others to sponsor you.


3. Go time! Log onto the digital platform by going to glm.edsero.com and use the username: weareable@edsero.com and password: weareable. Follow the guided instructions on how to execute the campaign in your school.