The We Are Able Movement

We Are Able was founded on the idea that we either define our fate or we are defined by it. As young progressives, we are the next generation of change. Enshrined in our name is also our credo - We Are Able. A simple message to articulate the idea that no obstacle is too great ane no challenge is too daunting to impede our ability to catalyze change. We Are Able will always be an organization that works to raise awareness for people with disabilities, but, going forward, it will also be an incubator for growing social movements and mobilizing young people to support progressive issues. This page will display the various social movements I am working to build under the umbrella of We Are Able. 


I encourage you to follow us on instagram @We.Are.Able and get involved in the movements that resonate most with you by visiting the relevant links. The We Are Able Movement is officially underway, and I look forward to demonstrating the power of young people together.  


Movement #1: Interns For Change

Internships create a pivotal avenue for young people who are transitioning into the labor market, yet the socioeconomic restrictions associated with obtaining an unpaid position are often an obstacle for many disadvantaged students who are likely struggling with the high-costs of higher education. I knew I had to do something to try and create a more equitable path for fellow young people, so I decided to partner with Pay Our Interns to launch Interns For Change. This initiative, aims to bring awareness to the injustice created by unpaid internships. #InternsforChange will spark the broader conversation that interns must be compensated for thier work because experience doesn’t pay the bills. If we want to live in a society that reflects our country we must provide equal opportunity. 


On November 20th 2019, interns across Washington D.C. - and around the nation - rallied to make their voices heard by protesting the inaccessibility of internships and promote the idea that interns deserve to be paid for their work. 


Interns For Change is more than a rally, it’s the start of a movement. A movement that needs you because this is bigger than all of us alone. Together, we will create a country where every American has the opportunity to intern without concern for economic barriers. Interns For Change is here to say that the future of internships are paid. We hope you will join us in this journey by demonstrating the power of young people, and proviing, once again, that We Are Able. 


To get involved visit the Pay Our Interns website or text INTERNS to 52886 to join our network.